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Dymond Designs Beauty School

3300 East Jefferson Suite 450, Detroit, MI 48027

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Editor's Description

Dymond Designs Beauty School in downtown Detroit is a minority- and woman-owned business that offers students coaching, peer counseling, career development, and job placement services in addition to training.

JuJu B. on Facebook says, "Hands down one of the best experiences as a student to date. I have no doubt in my mind that I will leave equipped with all the knowledge I need to be one of the greatest estheticians around."

The cosmetology program includes 1,500 hours, or 12 to 18 months, of comprehensive hair, skin, nail care, and salon management training.

The esthetics and manicuring programs are 400 hours each, which may take four to six months to complete. The instructor esthetics program is a Certificate of Completion course comprised of 300 hours of training in career education for those teaching beauty and wellness.

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